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We want to say congratulations to Andrew and Lindsay who were married recently at The Links at Stono Ferry in Hollywood, South Carolina, a suburb of Charleston. We had a great time capturing their big day! Check back soon for a full blog post of Andrew and Lindsay’s wedding!

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I am so excited to say that the first New Morning Weddings FREE Photography Package Contest has officially begun!  There was a great response and to those brides that couldn’t enter because we already booked the date, I hope you still have a beautiful day.  That being said, we do have some amazing couples who are all looking for your votes.  I’ve really enjoyed reading their stories and I hope you will too. Read each of their stories and then head over to the New Morning Weddings Facebook Page to cast your vote.

What Are Our Couples Competing For?

A FREE Wedding Photography Package including the following:
— 6 Hours Wedding Day Coverage
— Online Gallery of Wedding Photos
— Toning, Touching-Up, and b/w conversion
— Printing Rights to all of the Photos
— CD of all Photos from your Wedding

To Vote do the Following:

1.  Like the New Morning Weddings Facebook Page
2.  Open up the “Contest” Photo Album.
3.  Find the Photo of the Couple you’d like to Vote For.
4.  Click the “like” button on that photo to cast your vote.
** Please note as stated in the contest rules, the vote will ONLY count if the person voting is a fan of the New Morning Weddings Facebook page – so be sure you “like” the page first so we can count your vote!**

Voting will End at 11:59pm on November 30, 2011 and I will post the winner on the Blog / Facebook page on December 1, 2011.  

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We have some great couples who have entered the contest.  Here are their stories in no particular order:


1. Kristi and Jason
Date of Wedding: October 6, 2012
kristi and jason in the New Morning Weddings Photography Contest

Their Story:

It was Sunday May 29th, Memorial Day ‘Eve’ and a group of girlfriends and I decided to venture out on a night into town for a fun-filled girls night out. The majority of the gals were school teachers, and were thrilled that the next day (Monday) would be a holiday, as I was as well! We decided that we would go to Fox and Hound in Ballantyne, as this was ‘our spot’ and always made for a good time and a night filled with laughter and fellowship. I had just broken off a relationship a few months prior, and by no means was really ‘in the market’ for dating or meeting a new guy, as I had just landed a sales job traveling 5 states and time did just not permit. However, as my mother always told me, “expect the unexpected” in walked this group of guys who seemingly were out accomplishing the same mission as me and my girlfriends. In this group stood this one man….and I will never forget, wearing a red shirt, jeans, and a pair of black tennis shoes that at the time I thought to myself and having the shoe fetish that I have “wow, this guy is so handsome, but….the tennis shoes! The sneakers have to go! He needs a shoe makeover.” But needless to say it didn’t stop me from staring at him all night long. As the night came to a close, the group of guys walked over to our table and introduced themselves, and ‘my guy’ proceeded to walk over to me. He asked my name, told me I was ‘pretty’ and began to ask all the right questions. A few days later, he called and picked me up for our first date. A few months into dating, he took me to a surprise dinner at the gorgeous Bentley’s on 27th restaurant downtown Charlotte, and over a unforgettable candlelight dinner he told me for the first time that he loved me. This was seven years ago.

The second week in September I took a usual business trip over to Seattle, WA and I received a phone call from Jason mid-week. He explained that he knew it would have been a long week for me, and that he wanted to treat me to a nice dinner that Friday night. I quickly obliged, and after a 3 hour delayed flight home I finally landed, gathered bags, and meet him outside. He was dressed as handsome as ever, and seemed a bit ‘off’ but I didn’t think much of it. I quickly asked, “where are we going?” He replies, “it’s a surprise”. I remember hearing those exact same words seven years ago, and I wondered if something big was about to take place. September 9th, 2011, Friday night, he led me to the same Bentley’s on 27th restaurant where we sat over a similar candlelit dinner where he got on one knee and proposed with the most beautiful diamond ring I have ever laid eyes on…and more importantly, I said yes to the most wonderful man I know.

And just incase you were wondering, the black tennis shoes have been long time replaced! :)

Click here to Vote for Kristi and Jason on the New Morning Weddings Facebook Page . ** Don’t forget to “like” the New Morning Weddings Facebook page first to make your vote count** ..NEXT find their photo on the CONTEST album and click the “like” button under the photo to cast your vote.**


2.  Nicole and Rickie
Date of Wedding: December 23, 2011

new morning weddings contest, nicole and richard, new morning nc

Their Story:

I met Rickie through one of my friends, who said we would be perfect for eachother! Of course, I did not believe her. But I decided to go on the blind double date and meet the guy anyway. I knew he was leaving for the Army in May 11 (we met in January) but I decided to give him a shot even though I figured it was’nt going to anywhere. After the first night we met… We saw eachother EVERYDAY after that until the day he left for bootcamp. We did not know where our relationship would end up.. But we decided to give it a shot since we both had never had anything like this before! And now here we are… 7 months later planning our wedding over the phone and through skype. (When he is available) we have been dating for almost 10 months, but we can’t wait any longer to share the rest of our lives together :) we have to have our wedding in December since it is the next time he will be home!

Click here to Vote for Nicole and Ricki on the New Morning Weddings Facebook Page . ** Don’t forget to “like” the New Morning Weddings Facebook page first to make your vote count**…NEXT find their photo on the CONTEST album and click the “like” button under the photo to cast your vote.**


3. Sharon and Brian
Wedding Date: June 16, 2012

New Morning Weddings Contest entry - Sharon and Brian

Their Story: 

Brian and I met in the beginning of December of 2010. We both had a pretty rough year when it came to relationships, so neither of us ever expected that the year would end on a good note. However, from the moment we met, we both new that this time would be different and that there was something between us that neither of us have felt before. Since we met around the holidays it was difficult for us to get together and go out. So for almost a month we talked, texted and emailed all day long. We got to know each other “Virtually” first.  He soon became the first person I talked to in the morning, and the last person I talked to at night. After much anticipation we finally were able to find a night to go out on our “First Date”

The day of our first date seemed to last forever! I looked at my clock constantly! I was counting down the minutes until I was able to see him. Finally the time came! We arrived at the restaurant at the same time. As I parked, Brian walked towards my car. When I got out, Brian gave me a hug and said “Hey, How are ya?” I knew from the moment he hugged me he would be in my life for forever! I didn’t want to let go!!  Our first date was perfect! We talked like we have known each other for years! There was no first date awkwardness, no mishaps. It was absolutely perfect! We closed the restaurant down (literally they started vacuuming around us). That night we parted ways, and I remember the whole drive home thinking “I can’t wait to see him again!!” The next morning, our texts started bright and early as they did for the month prior. We both said how much fun we had and how we wanted to see each other again. Finally by mid morning Brian asked me if I was available to hang out on Saturday night. . (In my mind I was thinking… oh no  … I have to wait 4 more days to see him??) I couldn’t say yes quick enough!! Now the issue was how was I going to make it through the next 4 days????

Those next 4 days were the slowest days of my life! Saturday came, and I was a wreck the entire day. I tried on about 20 outfits before I could decide what to wear. Our 2nd date was a bit unique. Since Brian is part owner of a BBQ store he offered to make me dinner at his house and the menu consisted of one of my favorite foods. Smoked BBQ ribs!  Since it had snowed that day the roads were icy making the drive to Brian’s a bit of a challenge. I was determined to make it… I was in no way rescheduling! A few slips and slides later I arrived at this house. Again the evening went great! We talked non stop, laughed the entire evening. From that night on, Brian and I have been inseparable. We spent the remainder of the winter enjoying sporting events, Broadway shows, dinner’s and spending time with each other friends. We quickly realized Jack Johnson’s song “Better Together” was a perfect fit for us….because everything in the world seemed “Better when we were Together” It didn’t take us long to realize that we wanted to be Together Forever!!

The spring and summer months flew bye. We spent our time getting to know each other more and enjoying many of our common interests like going to Phillies games, concerts and spending time with our families and friends. We bought a puppy and named him after our favorite team player “Cliff”.  Before we knew it the summer was ending. We were home one evening in August watching  nothing else but the Phillies baseball game and playing with Cliff when Brian decided it was a perfect time to pop the question! I have never been so happy!! I was in such shock I answered yes multiple times and never once looked at the ring. Several minutes went by with me crying and smiling at the same time before I realized I never looked! I finally got my composure and looked down at my finger, that moment was breathtaking!! Not only was the ring absolutely beautiful, but that moment confirmed that I was going to marry not only my True Love, but my Best Friend!!

Click here to Vote for Sharon and Brian on the New Morning Weddings Facebook Page . ** Don’t forget to “like” the New Morning Weddings Facebook page first to make your vote count**..NEXT find their photo on the CONTEST album and click the “like” button under the photo to cast your vote.**


4.  Lauren and Cormac
Wedding Date: October 13, 2012

lauren and cormac in the new morning weddings contest photography

Their Story:

We met our freshman year of college at North Carolina State University.  We have been together a little over five years now.  Our
relationship is the true definition of opposites attract: a lumberjack and a tree hugger, a type-A go-getter and a laid back Irishman, a
girl who thinks 80 degree weather is heaven and a boy who has lived practically within the Arctic circle for nearly a year of their
relationship.  Our differences keep things interesting and our shared love of travel, art, music, all things outdoors, and family make us a
perfect match.  Currently, Cormac is pursuing a Masters of Forestry at NCSU and Lauren is working toward a Master of Public Policy at Duke.
Cormac is spending the fall semester in Finland and the spring in Sweden.  Lauren will be in Vietnam for the summer.  Next fall marks the end of our long distance relationship and the start of the rest of our lives together! We can’t wait!!

Click here to Vote for Lauren and Cormac on the New Morning Weddings Facebook Page . ** Don’t forget to “like” the New Morning Weddings Facebook page first to make your vote count** ..NEXT find their photo on the CONTEST album and click the “like” button under the photo to cast your vote.**


5.  Lindsay and Andrew

Wedding Date: May 12, 2012
lindsay and andrew enter new morning weddings photography contest

Their Story:

Andrew and I don’t have the most normal of love story, but we haven’t had the most normal of lives. We met on a blind date in the Spring of 2008 at a little restaurant located in downtown Blacksburg, Virginia.When I arrived he was already sitting in the restaurant, so I amazed him with my parallel parking skills (he claims the spot was huge, but it wasn’t) and during lunch we learned of our common love for many things including tater-tots. He seemed really nervous almost the entire time, he claims I’m very intimidating, but the lunch went well and later that night he took me to watch fireworks. Andrew was funny, laid back, and was an oasis from the other life I had at school and in the hospital, he was everything I wanted in a life partner and thankfully he felt the same about me.

Our relationship had its ups and downs like any relationship has had, except we had the added stress of me being a medical student and him always having to take a back seat to my education. He did it willingly and proudly; always standing by my side. Many times our dates were flashcard sessions where he would help me study and he became very accustom to hearing, “Not tonight, I have work to do”. Through it all though he was always there and we always found time for each other.

When my time in medical school began to reach the end I knew I would be moving, the only question was where. I had a commitment to serve my country as a member of the armed forces and I knew when I graduated it would become time to begin that commitment. Andrew didn’t hesitate when asked about what we would do. It was simple in his mind; we would go together, we would enter into this new journey together.

So, in February of 2011, a week before my 29th birthday, Andrew took me on a walk to the Cascades, a waterfall outside of Blacksburg, sat me down and handed me a large package wrapped in Christmas paper (remember, its February). Inside was a bright pink scrapbook. Each page had a different story and a different set of photos to commemorate different things we had seen and done. The book was beautiful and looked like he had been working on it for weeks. It started with his on again off again relationship with my dog Dixie, moved on to our new dog Byrdi, and progressed through all the fun things we have done since we first met. When I got to the very last page there was a tracing of his left hand with the words, “Place left hand here.” written above.  I had been laughing so hard at the stories in the book I hadn’t noticed he had gotten down on one knee and pulled out a little blue box with a ring.  He had left me speechless, something very hard to do, but of course I said “Yes.” and the rest is history.

Shortly after the proposal, Andrew and I found out that I would be relocated to West Virginia for one year of medical training and then be relocated again in July 2012 with the possibility of being deployed at that time. He willingly quit his job as a police officer and we moved to a new town where his employment prospects were not promising, but he knew it would all work itself out. We have survived the first of what will most likely be many moves and in the process have learned more about each other and the strength of our relationship than we could ever have imagined. Through everything we know we can survive any obstacle and look forward to our wedding as a moment to celebrate how far we have come and look forward to what a wonderful future we will share together.

Click here to Vote for Lindsay and Andrew on the New Morning Weddings Facebook Page . ** Don’t forget to “like” the New Morning Weddings Facebook page first to make your vote count** ..NEXT find their photo on the CONTEST album and click the “like” button under the photo to cast your vote.**


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New Morning Weddings is holding our first ever contest! If you are getting married in 2012 – Get Excited! You have the opportunity to win a FREE  Wedding  Photography Package from New Morning Weddings.

Sign- Up starts today and will go until 11:59pm on November 9, 2011.  On November 10, 2011 I will post all of the entries on the New Morning Weddings Facebook Page.

— 6 Hours Wedding Day Coverage
— Online Gallery of Wedding Photos
— Toning, Touching-Up, and b/w conversion
— Printing Rights to all of the Photos
— CD of all Photos from your Wedding

nc wedding photography contest, south carolina wedding contest, free wedding package north carolinaSend an email to mindy@newmorningweddings.com titled “Put Me in the Contest”.

Include the following:
— Both You and Your Fiance’s Names
— Your Address and Phone Number
— The Date of Your Wedding
— The City and Venue of Your Wedding
— Details about Your Love story.  We want to hear what makes your relationship special such as how you met, how long you’ve dated, how you got engaged, and why you think you deserve to win the contest.
— A Photo of the two of you together.

Once the photos of all of the contestants go up on November 10, 2011, you, your family, and friends will have the opportunity to vote for you to win.  To vote, you must visit the New Morning Weddings Facebook page.  You must first “like” the page (click the thumbs up sign at the top of the page*) then you are eligible to vote.  Locate the “contest” album on our facebook page, and find your picture.  To vote you must “like” your picture to count as your vote.  Please note that the vote will only count if you are a fan of New Morning Weddings on Facebook*.  You can rally as many people as you can to vote for you.  Some ways that help can be: tagging people you are close to on your picture, sharing the entry on Facebook or email… get creative.  Voting ends at 11:59pm eastern time on November 30, 2011.  We will post the winner on our blog & Facebook page on December 1, 2011!

1.  You must have a set wedding date.  If we are unavailable for that date, unfortunately, you are ineligible.
2.  You must be getting married in North Carolina, South Carolina, or Virginia.  If you are more than 100 miles from Charlotte, travel fees may apply.
3.  You must be a Facebook fan of New Morning Weddings. / People Voting must be a Facebook fan of New Morning Weddings for their vote to count.
4. You must be willing to have your story / picture published on the New Morning Weddings blog and Facebook page.
5. Couples currently booked are not eligible.  We also will not accept entries past November 9, 2011 so be sure to get your submission in by November 9, 2011 at 11:59pm eastern time.
6.  Please note that by emailing us and saying you want to be entered into the contest you are giving your permission for us to post your photo and story on the New Morning Weddings blog and facebook page.
7.  Winner must sign a contract to claim their free wedding photography coverage.
8.  We will make every effort to contact the winner.  If we do not hear from the winner or they fail to follow the rules, New Morning Weddings reserves the right to offer the prize to the next eligible entrant.
9.  There will also be a second and third place prize so once the winner is announced if you are a runner up, we will be in touch to let you know your prize.
10.  The winners will be selected based on the number of votes / “likes” on their Facebook photo on our contest album.  Visitors are allowed to comment, but their vote will only count by “liking” the photo of the couple they are voting for.  Feel free to promote it in any way, by sharing the Facebook entry, tagging people, emailing, etc.
11.  For any of those late bookers – we will accept December 2011 wedding applicants! Unfortunately since the contest doesn’t end until November 30, 2011 this is the only 2011 month we can accept.**
12. There are no strings attached to getting your free wedding package.  You don’t have to buy anything else if you don’t want to.  If you do want to add anything extra to your package, you are able to do so.
If you have any questions feel free to email me at mindy@newmorningweddings.com.  To see more of our work visit our website: www.newmorningweddings.com.
13.  You may not create fake facebook names / alias’ to get votes.
14.  You may not use a “like” / “vote” exchange page (or anything to this nature*) to get random people across the world to exchange “likes” and vote for you.
15.  You may not pay people to vote for you.
16.  If you participate in any “foul-play” or action that we deem as “cheating” we reserve the right to disqualify you and remove you from the competition.