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Joanne and Khay had a beautiful Buddhist Wedding at CenterStage Noda  in Charlotte.  The wedding featured many special traditions, shared by their loving family and friends.  With a crowd of around 500 people, it was an extraordinary event.  We will be posting some of our favorite Photobooth photos from the wedding in our next post, so be on the look out for those.  If you like these photos be sure to “like” New Morning Weddings on our facebook page.  For more information about New Morning Weddings visit our website: www.newmorningweddings.com .

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COMING SOON :  The Photobooth from Joanne and Khay’s Wedding …. We will be posting all of the Photobooth on the online gallery soon from Joanne and Khay’s wedding but in the meantime check back soon to see some of our favorite Photobooth photos here on the blog.

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Congratulations to Joanne and Khay who were married this past weekend at Centerstage Noda in Charlotte. We had a great time photographing their wedding! Full blog post to come soon … but in the meantime here is a sweet shot of the newlyweds that we took in the photobooth we had at their wedding!

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